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To apply for the ESG Shipping Awards, please follow these instructions:

1. The Awards are open to shipping companies worldwide which own/operate vessels.2. Companies can nominate their initiatives for the 11 ESG award categories.3. Applications are received from companies through our online application form.  4. Companies can apply for up to 2 award categories and can nominate up to 3 sustainability actions per category (a separate application form must be submitted for each category).5. Fill out the application form with accurate and detailed information about your company’s sustainability actions in the award categories6. The actions must have taken place during 2023 (or until the submission day) and must be impactful, inclusive, and measurable. Read carefully the awards’ selection criteria.7. Provide supporting documents or evidence that demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. This may include reports, certifications, case studies, testimonials, or any other relevant materials8. Remember to adhere to the specified deadline (15 March 2024) for submitting your application. Late submissions may not be accepted.9. Submit the completed application form and wait for the confirmation.10. If your company is selected as a finalist, you will be contacted to attend the awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced.
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