The ESG Shipping Awards 2023 proved that our industry is fully engaged with the ESG reality and that the awarded practices are invaluable insights and useful information for further progress and understanding of the ESG concept in the maritime industry.

The Conference of the ESG Shipping Awards 2023, is the sequel of the awards whereby the companies will present the winning actions and explain the impact on operations along with the challenges and opportunities during implementation. They will share experiences with stakeholders and reveal their ESG plans.

The participants will gain important information on ESG best practices and will benefit from the benchmarking process, as they can compare how well they are doing vis-à-vis the leaders in one or more aspects of ESG as well as identify areas for improvements, but also prepare for next year’s ESG Shipping Awards.

Furthermore, attendees will also be informed about the latest ESG developments in the maritime industry while they will have the opportunity to network and communicate with other peers.The conference aims for a valuable knowledge-sharing experience and constructive discussion among the leading shipping companies in the ESG field.