Seafarers Mental Health & Wellbeing

‘‘It’s Ok not to be Ok’’ by Learning Seaman


‘‘It’s Ok not to be Ok’’

You are invited to our comprehensive workshop dedicated to seafarers’ mental health, a paramount issue in the maritime industry. Esteemed speakers, including mental health professionals, industry leaders, and experienced seafarers, will delve into challenges faced at sea. The event covers causes of mental health issues, their impact, and emphasizes awareness in this unique work environment. Learn about the latest research, industry practices, and policy roles for a more supportive maritime culture. Gain insights into seafarers’ mental health challenges, the importance of addressing them, and steps for a resilient maritime community.

Title & Program Sponsor : Learning Seaman

Wellness by Learning Seaman is the first worldwide initiative dedicated to seafarers wellbeing, mental health and resilience onboard. Their aim is to offer seafarers their own tools and resources that will help them develop emotional resilience and manage stress onboard proactively, especially that brought on by their unique working conditions. A holistic mental health approach, such as the one followed by Learning Seaman, leads to all wellness types, resilience and overall wellbeing and happiness! The team consists of more than 15 recognized members of the international scientific, academic and shipping communities, who select and prepare the most interesting topics in a simple, user-friendly and engaging way, in order to meet the objectives for all seafaring ranks. Focusing on seafarers’ education, entertainment and social interaction that contributes to personal growth and self-esteem, and fosters a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction and life fulfillment.

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Tuesday February 13 2024